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Malfunktion: Sound as an intervention to 3D Printing

Hacking the digital with analog

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This project aims to hack into 3D printing that exists as a perfectionist transformation process from the digital domain to physical, and inject an analog essence to this digital process by using sound waves generated by a bass guitar. 

Software used:

Logic Pro, Replicator G, Rhino CAM


Hardware Used:

custom made 3D Silicone Printer, custom made 3D printer nozzle attachment with solenoid vibration head, bass guitar, 400W amplifier


3D printing


If you want to read more on the conceptual background, please click on the link below to download my paper published in DPPI Praxis and Poetics Conference UK in 2013:

Objectifying Sound


You can also read an article I have written on the implications of developing tangible interfaces for 3D form creation from the perspective alienation of labor by clicking here.

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