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In the vast expanse of human experience, memories stand as ethereal markers, shaping our perception, identity, and connection to the world. Yet, these intangible fragments of our existence often elude our grasp, fleeting and ephemeral. My artistic journey is a quest to bridge this intangible realm with the tangible, to transform the abstract tapestry of memories into concrete manifestations that can be seen, touched, and felt.


At the heart of my work lies the innovative fusion of art, technology, and emotion. Using computational design, I transmute sound data—those echoes of laughter, the rhythm of heartbeats, the notes of cherished songs—into visual patterns. These patterns, unique as the memories they represent, are then sculpted into 3D models through generative design methods. The culmination of this process is the birth of tangible artifacts, physical embodiments of our memories, made real through advanced fabrication techniques like 3D printing.


My recent accomplishment, a PhD in Industrial Design, has deepened my exploration into the realm of "Sound Data as Design Material." This research has not only solidified my expertise but has also expanded the horizons of what's possible at the intersection of sound, data, and design. Each creation is not merely an art piece; it's a vessel of emotion, a tangible emblem of an individual's personal history, a unique bridge between the past and the present.


The future of memory preservation, as I envision it, is a harmonious blend of art, design, and technology. As we stand on the cusp of the digital age, with the emergence of NFTs and the decentralized art marketplace, my mission is to redefine how we interact with our memories. I aim to create a world where every spoken word, every shared story, every precious memory can be immortalized, viewed, and held. Where the ephemeral becomes enduring, and the intangible, tangible.


In essence, my art is an invitation—a call to experience memories in a new dimension, to touch the past, and to engage in a deeper, more meaningful dialogue with our own experiences. As I continue to push the boundaries of computational design, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey, to explore the potential of the tangible, and to envision a future where art and technology converge to create a more meaningful world.

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