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A Mnemonic Data Sculpture:
Call for Life

February 6th 2023 Türkiye Earthquake

Mnemonic Data Sculpture:

 "Call for Life"

Call for Life is an artwork created by transforming memories into digital-physical objects using computational design. The piece was generated using sound data recorded during a rescue operation in Hatay Samandağ following the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş on February 6th.
The project focuses on making memories tangible and creating a collective memory. Mnemonic Data Sculpture combines memories with digital designs, allowing memories to gain physical existence. This makes it possible for people to preserve and share their memories and recollections in a more concrete way.
This project aims to create social awareness through the recreation of memories and transformation into digital-physical objects. While offering a new way to preserve and share unique memories, the project also aims to create a model for social responsibility and humanitarian aid activities.
Call for Life stands out as a project that differentiates itself by transforming collective memories into digital-physical designs through creative use of technology with social responsibility. This sculpture is created by utilizing a method developed during Efe Alpay's doctoral thesis entitled "Sound Data as Design Material."
CallforLife highres.png

From PhD research to quasi-physical data sculptures
Sound Data as Design Material

Can we use collective memories and personal data to create meaningful and valuable artifacts?


“Each ridge on the sculpture’s
surface is
shaped by a different
sound frequency.”

“Form is a visual
reflection of sound data.

Watch the video with sound below:

My presentation of the project (you can watch with English captions on)

About the Project

On February 6th, 2023, a catastrophic earthquake struck the southeast of Turkey, impacting ten provinces and, including Hatay, where the sound data for this piece comes from. The disaster caused more than 30.000 casualties affecting millions of lives.

With a heart heavy with sorrow, I felt a strong urge to create something that would capture the raw emotion of the moment and offer a glimmer of hope to those affected. As an artist and researcher, I decided to use sound frequency data from a recording of the search and rescue efforts in Hatay Samandağ on February 7th, 2023, to create a 3-dimensional mnemonic sculpture that materializes a symbolic rescue moment from the earthquake. The recording is taken from a moment in which a rescue team is searching for a response to their calls in a wrecked building. The phrase they use "Does anyone hear my voice" has become both a symbol for hope and sorrow in a country that had previous experiences with earthquake disasters.


The process of creating the sculpture, which I named "Call for Life," was emotional. Each bump and shape on the sculpture's surface represents a sound frequency from the recording, making it a tangible representation of an ephemeral moment. The form is generated by using FFT Analysis and generative design methods to extract several separate different sound frequencies from the recording. Then these frequencies are used to generate a form that is unique to the sound data. The resulting form is a powerful symbol of hope and a call to action to help those affected by the earthquake.

I created the NFT with the same name to raise funds for the earthquake survivors. I have already donated and will be donating the 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFT to Ahbap, a reputable Turkish NGO that works to help people in need.

As the recovery from the earthquake continues, I hope my work will serve as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. By owning a piece of this unique and meaningful artwork, buyers have not only a beautiful and thought-provoking piece to add to their collections but also the relief of knowing that their purchase will go towards supporting those in need.


“Call for Life (and Mnemonic Data Sculptures) is a new type of artifact, which fuses physical with digital, transforming the intangible data into tools for reflection and meaning generation.”

“As the recovery process continues after the earthquake, I hope that this work will contribute to healing the wounds caused by the earthquake, to hope, and to remembering it all together.”

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