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Art is not a mirror. 
Art is a hammer.

Bertolt Brecht

Image by Laura Skinner

The Dark Times

During the 1st World War, art world was stuck in a deep depression together with the rest of the society. Theaters stuck in a continuous loop, neglecting the audience. The legacy of ancient Greek plays was still taking its toll.

In such an environment
Bertolt Brecht introduced a fresh perspective to the overly serious theater scene. Mocking the status quo; switching "i" and "u" letters to make music different from the ancients.

Fast forward to

21st Century


A global pandemic caused the world to literally stop functioning locking humanity at homes with several curfews. For the first time in history, we shared the same fear in such a deep and connected manner. In the dark times of COVID19, a small probability seed grew into a project that tries to go on no matter the circumstances are.
The Pandemic

Brecht's Misuc concept has been reincarnated in the form of these creatures, that go on dancing relentlessly no matter what life throws at them. They are the new generation of symbols for optimism and mocking the status quo.

Misuc Concept

Hello, we are Misucs!
Coming through the wormhole...

Image by Greyson Joralemon

 to funk the world!

Misucs are the protagonists of a misucal journey and reminders to spread out energy and good vibes.

We need your help to decide where they land on the earth.

MisucAgent #9:
San Francisco

MisucAgent #2:
Central Park

MisucAgent #3:
Los Angeles

MisucAgent #4:
New Jersey


Send your video


Get your certified Misuc NFT

Anchor 1

Genesis MisucDrop

To bring a Misuc to the world:

  • You need an AR filter

  • AR Filter is unlocked to the MisucPass owners.

  • MisucPass is either airdropped on special dates or can be purchased here

We need your help to decide where they land on the earth.

Benefits & Utility:

  • Become one of the owners of your city in Misuc universe.

  • Grant special access rights to events and MisucMaker concerts

  • Grant access to the Discord server where future events are planned

  • Exclusive previews of upcoming MisucMaker songs

  • You own these rights as an NFT so as this community grows, the value grows.


Misuc Transmissions Worldwide

The map below shows the verified places Misucs have teleported throughout the world. They are officially minted on the blockchain by us to ensure authenticity and airdropped to their respective owners.

Join the rebellion:

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